Resource Links:

Create a Customer Persona

Creating Facebook/Instagram Ads for Beginners

Creating Google Ads for Beginners

Creating Twitter Ads for Beginners

Creating Hulu Ads for Beginners

Creating TikTok Ads for Beginners

Creating Spotify Ads for Beginners

Creating YouTube Ads for Beginners


Seminar Notes

Types of content:

  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Conversation
  • Promotion


Jabin's top 5 content tips:

1. Be Consistent

2. Show us Who You Are

3. Don't Overthink It

4. Leverage your staff and community to source content

5. Designate a community manager


Before you start Advertising...

  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate
  • Set up SEO
  • Optimize your Google business listing
  • Consistent content on your social channels
  • Know why YOU want to advertise. What's is special about your business?
  • Build your Customer Persona (see link in resources)
  • Study your competition
  • Designate time in your schedule to create and manage ads


Start Advertising

  • Determine which platforms to advertise on
  • Use the resource links above to educate yourself about each
  • Determine your budget (20% of revenue as a general rule)
  • Determine campaign objective (consider Reach/Awareness or Video Views for most ads)
  • Determine your target audience


Pro Tips

  • Consider making every post an advertisement. Budgets can be as low as $5 or $10. Sometimes it’s worth just advertising to your current followers, especially if a primary goal is to increase return visits. 
  • Engage with your customers in the comments of your ads.
  • Leverage your brand partners (its not just about you advertising, but who you can get to advertise for you)
  • Don’t forget your fans (advertise to your current followers to increase frequency and share new opportunities)